‘Violation against Dalits, ‘Schedule Castes’ Increased 7-times more in India’

We are happy to share and release our most recent report on “Violation against Dalits, ‘Schedule Castes’ Increased 7-times more in India.” This report provides the existing scenario of caste-based socio-political dynamics and violence against Dalit people in India. You will get some facts about how the Modi’s government is handling the caste-based violence and inequalities against Dalits or Schedule Castes and Tribes and minorities in modern-day India.

We have urged the Govt. of India to undertake special training of law enforcement agencies and court employees on caste-based violence, including use and enforcement of legal procedures. The ICDR also calls the Office of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other UN mechanisms to not only increase reporting on the issue of torture and inhumane acts in India, but also press the Govt. India to invite the rapporteur for an impartial investigation of caste-cased violence through out the country.
In addition, we urge government and development agencies to help ICDR and its coalition partners for a development of Caste Freedom Index (CFI) as a part of improving the process of systematically collecting statistics and measuring of caste-based violence and discrimination.
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