Global March against Caste-Based Discrimination, June 21, 2014, a Success in Solidarity

BqrTKCEIYAAcfAaThe International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR), in collaboration with Diaspora and Human Rights organizations, organized a successful one-day Global March against Caste-based Discrimination on the afternoon of June 21st, 2014. Demonstrators started at DuPont Circle and marched towards the White House and Capitol Hill.

The goal of the march was to increase awareness among policy makers within the U.S. Congress and White House regarding key issues that impact Dalits globally. The main objectives of the Global March were to advocate for: 1) endorsement by the White House of the Draft Principles and Guidelines for the Effective Elimination of Discrimination based on Work and Descent, established by the UN Human Rights Council (A/HRC/11/CRP.3); 2) Passage by the US Congress of a binding resolution against caste-based discrimination that mandates action by US government agencies in South Asia (House Concurrent Resolution 139 of 2007).

10296574_777181292320866_4009456114132971071_nThis event showed solidarity and support for nearly 260 million caste-affected marginalized groups known as Dalits across the world. The event included banners, play cards with main slogans, and speakers at the front of the White House and Capitol Hill. A brief press statement was circulated to media and participants.

The ICDR is a 501 C (3), tax exempt international advocacy, and an apex global forum of Dalits and Pro-Dalits. ICDR has introduced and is developing the Caste Freedom Index (CFI) as an unique and universal framework addressing inequalities and measure discrimination based on caste or descent of nearly 260 million the world’s most marginalized and socially excluded population known as “Dalits” or “Oppressed people”, who have been victimized, discriminated against and excluded from mainstream development progress based on their caste or work and descent in South Asia, parts of Africa, the Middle East and other part of the world. In addition, ICDR has been working to prevent and response caste and gender based violence and discrimination against men, women and girls in South Asia through local and national partners.

1496634_825692867447522_1634114239_nICDR has also partnered with 16+ organizations to organize a two-day Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights in the Contemporary World, entitled A Fight for Establishing Justice, Dignity, and Humanity, in Spring 2015 in Washington, D.C. as part of a follow-up program to the Global March. The objectives are to help achieve the full potential of the Dalit population, strengthen the caste-based human rights movement, and advocate for the passage by the U.S. Congress of a binding resolution to curb caste-based discrimination in the US and globally. About 30 speakers will travel to Washington, and up to 100 persons will attend the conference in March 2015.