Panelists and Speakers

Below is a list of the confirmed panelists and speakers for the various thematic plenary sessions and other activities being held during the 1st Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights. Please note, this list is being actively updated.

International Mechanisms and the Obligation to End Discrimination, Violence, and Inequality
Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, Susan Alzner, Officer in Charge, Office on United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS)
UN Human Rights Mechanisms, Rikke Nöhrlind, Executive Director at International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN), Denmark
Engagement of Target Groups – Dalits in Development, Ms. Maitreyi Das, Team Leader for Social Inclusion in the Social Development Department of The World Bank
– Ashok Bharti, Chairperson, National Confederation of Dalit Rights (NACDOR), India
– Dr. DK Gurung, Moderator
Best Practices and Challenges – Empowering Dalit Civil Society
Legislative Approaches to Ending Caste, Work, and Descent-based Discrimination
Universal Measurement and Advocacy Framework: Caste Freedom Index (CFI)
Gender Equality and The Power of Dalit Women