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The 1st Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights would not be possible without the ongoing participation, support, commitment, and dedication of each of the Global Conference Organizing Committee (GCOC) members. Since last year, with the leadership of the ICDR, this collaborative group has been working at various levels to ensure that the Global Conference is a success, and most importantly, that a broader effort to develop and foster a more cohesive global movement in support of Dalit people worldwide may be realized. Through their time, resources, outreach, research, network affiliations, intellectual and professional capacities, and solidarity, the GCOC members have all been essential to making this Global Conference a reality.

Please visit the links below and learn about each of the contributing GCOC members, who, together, are responsible for presenting the 1st Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights.

International Commission for Dalit Rights (
Human Rights Watch (
Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, USA (
Asia Society Policy Institute (
Ambedkar Association of Northern America, USA (
The Quander Historical Society, Inc. Washington, DC
Nepali-American Society for Oppressed Community, USA (
Washington College of Law’s Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Washington DC
Friends for Education International, CA (
The Episcopal Diocese of New York and DC (
Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, Canada
Duke University’s Global Inequality Research Initiative
Dalit African American Chamber of Commerce, NY
The Caste Watch UK (
The Legacy Families, An African-American Community (
South Asian Social Initiative (SASI), NY
The New School’s India China Institute, NY (

To become engaged as a member organization of the Global Conference Organizing Committee, please contact ICDR President DB Sagar via email at Your participation and support would be of tremendous value, as the effort to grow this movement for Dalit Rights is ongoing.

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