Dalit YoungStars Initiatives

Building on the accomplishments from the First Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights in 2015 and the Global March against Caste-based Discrimination of 2014 in D.C., ICDR launched the Dalit YoungStars Initiatives (DYI) as a cross-functional, multi-partners, and leadership development opportunity for 300 diverse Dalit YoungStars between the 18 to 30 ages from across caste-affected countries and the Diaspora, with a focus on intersectionality and movement building. In the words of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, its goals are to educate, agitate and organize.The themes are:Governance, Inclusion, and Justice: Affirmative Action Policies, Diversity and Legislative measures
Education and Opportunity– Institutional Discrimination in Educational and Employment sectors
Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance– Citizenship and Land Rights, Torture, Inhumane Acts, Atrocities against Dalits and vulnerable groups, disaster relief, shelter for victims
Criminal Justice and Rule of Law: Review Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Systems and Public Interest Litigations
Employment and Equality: Modern-day slavery, labor exploitation and labor migration – Gulf countries
Women Empowerment and Gender Equality: Gender and caste-based violation, human trafficking and sexual exploitation
Technology and Innovation: Science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship
Leadership and Workforce Development: Leadership, professional development, and networking
Climate Change and Environment:
Research, learning and sharing:  
The best practices, innovative solutions, Dalit Rights Movement and Civic Engagement from local to global.
The initiative marks the beginning of a grassroots effort to lift-up and progress the work of exceptional innovators, technologists, scientists, Dalit Rights defenders, researchers and development practitioners and entrepreneurs who are already developing solutions to address one or more local and national goals.  The initiative includes online skill training, personal mentoring, local cohort meetings and moves toward a Dalit Rights Global Conference in 2020.
 Multi-institutional Collaborative Strategy:
We are seeking an institutional collaboration between the Action Aid USA/ it’s county offices in caste-affected countries and the ICDR to implement the DYI activities. The DYI is a multi-partner and purpose initiative. ICDR is implementing this project in collaboration with its local and national partners and funding agencies. As a partner, Action Aid USA will ‘own’ the DYI for advancing their respective missions, as well as further developing and extending their own growing networks via the summit, publicity, and potential collaborations, etc. If you are interested in being a part of this initiative, please contact us via email at icdrintl@icdrintl.org.