ICDR Immigration and Community Services, USA:

Over the past 8 years, ICDR has been championed to advance social justice and human rights pertaining Dalits and minority community, and successfully changed policies and created positive social impact at all level, including DC Metro Area. In this 8 years, ICDR also assisted hundreds of individuals and families on the issue related immigration and labor in ad-hoc basis within the DC Metro Area. Now, ICDR develop its strategy to expand and establish community service as a fundamental objective to promote social justice and human rights of South Asian immigrants and low income community; and helps them to achieve their American Dream.

  1. Access in Health Services: provides general counselling on mental health, stress/distress, and health in collaboration with community and health service providers. Educates about health insurance systems and benefits, and general counselling on domestic violation, mental health and other health related issues. ICDR collaborates with Be Well Initiative along with Diaspora groups.
  2. Workforce Development and Education Program: conducts skill-development trainings and language education programs in collaboration with community groups, education institutes, and workforce development agencies within DC Metro area that increase employment opportunities and incomes; provides information about workers’ rights; equal opportunity and treatments; compensation.
  3. Immigration and DREAM Initiative: Assists to individuals and families to open window of American Dream by providing pro-bono legal services on issues related immigration status, petitions and naturalization.
  4. d) Community Service and Referral program: provides general assistant on range of issues that impact our community, and act as a centralized referral agent for other service-oriented government, private and public agencies, including department health, DMV, immigrant-related agencies, police and local authorities for settling disputes, solving shared problems.
  5. e) Community Advocacy and Impact Research initiatives: conducts impact-study research initiatives engaging community, especially youth generation, and organizes community dialogues and policy advocacy that affect our community; and promotes access of resources through counselling, training, community dialogue, litigation and multi-party mediation.

More information please visit ICDR at 1133 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20005.