Caste Freedom Index’s national workshop hosted in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nov 13, 2014:

10305594_801072603265068_1066654547032161273_nThe ICDR Nepal office hosted a Two-day national workshop on Caste Freedom Index (CFI) in Nepal on Nov. 12-13, 2014 to identify and prioritize issues relating to caste-based discrimination, and beginning development of a survey instrument. The specific objectives are: a) Achieve consensus on the conceptual scope of the CFI matrix domains and dimensions, based on the practical experience of the participants and their knowledge of the political, social and cultural context; b) Identify a range of specific ‘real life’ issues as exemplars of each domain, providing a basis to develop candidate statistical measures for inclusion in the index; c) Draw on the expertise of the participants to assess the relative importance of each issue identified, to aid in indicator choice, construction and weighting; d) Identify potential statistical measures and data sources relevant to each issue (data sources may be existing statistics/data collections, planned survey, or expert consensus); e) Identify possible survey questions where appropriate, subject to further testing; and f) Obtain stakeholder support for, and input into, forward planning of survey and other activities.

10247213_801073049931690_7202060767481588003_nThere were 30 diverse participants in the workshop and the workshop was led by CFI experts: Dr. Maria Suchowski and Mr. Myer Glickman; logistic and technical assistance were provided by the ICDR Nepal Team: Sanu Karara and Krishna Gahatraj.

Similarly, ICDR Nepal organized four sideline meetings with local donors such as Department for International Development (DFID), the Asia Foundation, Action Aid International and the US Embassy to Nepal. Dr. Maria and Mr. Myer presented the CFI positions and requested them to collaborate on the CFI project, especially CFI Research Training, In-Country Survey and CFI Pilot activities.

The CFI is a major product of the ICDR and it has received an overwhelmingly positive response, which is further affirmation of the importance of the CFI as a unique and universal measurement and advocacy framework.

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