International Commission for Dalit Rights is an independent and impartial international Dalit rights advocacy, networking and development organization. We dedicate to promoting the rights and justice of nearly 300 million world’s most marginalized groups known as OutCastes. The ICDR provides technical assistance and collaborates with international community and government agencies in caste-affected countries. ICDR has been an instrumental organization to intervene in the UN mechanisms, conferences and UN intergovernmental negotiations on the issue of exclusion and inequality based on descent or caste for the post-2015 development agenda: Sustainable Development Goals. The ICDR works in solidarity with other global justice movements to integrate OutCastes rights into human rights, racial justice, and economic justice dialogues.

Mission and goals

Mission statement:

International Commission for Dalit Rights promotes and supports local, national and international efforts to establish Dalit Rights as human rights, and to advance the equal freedom. We collaborate and mobilize with governments and international agencies in order to promote human rights, social justice, the rule of law, diversity and inclusive, as well as in combating inequalities and discrimination based on caste or descent at all levels.


  1. Enhance Dalit Rights and Caste Freedom
  2. Empower Grassroots Movements
  3. Promote Democratic Dialogue and Social justice
  4. Global Campaign against Caste or Work and Descent-based
  5. Secure Institutional Financial Stability