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Message from the Vice Chair, Dr. Don Zimmerman, ICDR Board of Directors

It has been ten years since the International Commission for Dalit Rights was formed as a global mechanism to establish Dalit Rights in the contemporary world. Since that time, it has continued to distinguish itself as a major international human rights, policy, and development organization that is deeply engaged in the ongoing struggle to establish Dalit Rights as human rights and human rights as Dalit Rights.Zimmerman - 2016 (2)

As we reflect on our work over the last year, it is time to celebrate the breakthrough successes we have seen through such key initiatives as our sponsorship of the First Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights, the continued development of the Caste Freedom Index, initiatives to reduce caste-related discrimination in Nepal during earthquake relief efforts, and our ongoing policy dialogue with global human rights leadership.

While ICDR’s increasing global reach has bolstered our impact, the challenges before us remain immense and continuing. Despite progress on some fronts, millions of people around the world still experience systemic exclusion, oppression, and violence based on caste, race, ethnicity, gender, religion and other categories of the human family that are defined at birth.

The path towards the world where all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights is not an easy one. But, despite shifts in the winds of hate-filled politics in some areas, ICDR remains committed to finding a common solution for eliminating the barriers that prevent all people to act towards one another in a spirit of good faith and humanity.

As the Co-Chair of the Board of Director for the ICDR, it is my honor and privilege to invite all those seeking a better world through the elimination of birth-based discrimination to join us on a common journey to a better world for all.

Donald L. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Vice Chair, Board of Directors


March 2016